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Air technologies

At Americorp, we lead the industry with innovative solutions in industrial ventilation and air conditioning. From confined environments to industrial and mining plants, we provide systems to ensure optimal environments in challenging spaces such as warehouses, steel mills and chemical plants. Our comprehensive offer ranges from engineering services and equipment supply to complete EPC and EPCM projects. We excel in the mining and heavy industry sector, where efficiency and uninterrupted equipment performance are critical.

Our high-efficiency systems ensure optimal conditions for continuous operation in demanding environments, facing challenges such as dust and heat. In addition, we offer air quality monitoring systems to control emissions of particulates, gases and odors to ensure safe and healthy environments.

Benefits of Americorp’s air technology

Guarantees clean and safe environments free of dust and odors.

We use components of the best international brands.

Integral solutions from design to specialized maintenance.

Increases productivity in operations by protecting control and communication systems.

Air technology solutions

Our offer includes engineering services, supply of equipment, components, pipelines, assembly, turnkey projects, EPC, EPCM, repowering and maintenance services.

Industrial and mining ventilation

Discover our wide range of ventilation solutions, from compact environments to large industrial plants. Optimize air quality in your operations, ensuring safe and productive environments for your team.

HVAC air conditioning

Learn about our customized solutions for highly complex environments in mining operations, ports and smelters. Ensures pollution-free environments for efficient and reliable industrial processes.

Air quality monitoring

Discover our range of advanced solutions for air quality monitoring. Protects the environment and community health through intelligent and accurate monitoring systems.

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