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Air quality monitoring

At Americorp, we understand that effective air emissions management is essential to minimizing our environmental impact and caring for the health of the surrounding communities. Our expertise lies in the implementation of advanced technological solutions for the precise monitoring of particulates, gases and odors. Reducing our environmental impact involves a thorough understanding of how our operations affect our facilities and communities.

We design monitoring plans and systems adapted to stakeholders’ objectives, covering industrial plants, local communities and urban areas. We collaborate with local, regional and global partners who bring technological expertise to deliver the highest quality monitoring solutions.

Advanced monitoring technology

Gas Concentration Monitoring

We offer a wide range of modules to monitor air quality under various conditions. Designed to provide accurate recordings in both indoor and outdoor environments, they provide simple, versatile and reliable solutions for measuring gas concentration. We work in collaboration with our local, regional and global partners to offer the best design solution and monitoring services.

Solid Particulate Matter Concentration Monitoring

Our systems provide continuous monitoring of the concentration of solid particles in the air. This tool is essential for assessing the presence of harmful particles, ranging from dust to soot and other organic and inorganic particles. Its ability to measure coarse (PM10) and fine (PM2.5) particles is crucial, as these can negatively impact the environment and human health.

Remote monitoring system

Our system offers accurate and accessible monitoring from any location. Using a network of sensors connected to a solar-powered control CPU, this unit collects, processes and transmits data to a secure remote server for storage. Users can access detailed information, historical data and receive real-time alerts from any Internet-connected device. With simple configuration and ease of use, this system offers complete control, allowing informed and timely decisions to be made.

Why choose Americorp Plus monitoring systems?

Advanced technology

Americorp Plus monitoring systems are backed by state-of-the-art technology, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements. We use state-of-the-art equipment and sensors to ensure reliable and efficient monitoring.

Soluciones completas

Our hardware is designed to withstand demanding environments. The combination of rugged hardware, robust software and reliable communications ensures continuous and stable monitoring, even in challenging conditions.

Specialized technical support

We have a team of technical experts ready to offer assistance and support at any stage, from installation to ongoing maintenance. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive service and effective solutions at all times.

Remote access

We offer monitoring solutions accessible from anywhere. Our platform allows remote access through Internet-connected devices, providing full control, real-time alerts and detailed data visualization for immediate decision making.

Ease of installation and configuration

Installation and configuration of our systems are simple and straightforward. With a "Plug & Play" approach, we provide a hassle-free experience, allowing for quick start-up and operability.

Commitment to quality

Through strategic partnerships with local, regional and global partners, we guarantee access to the most advanced technological expertise in design and monitoring services. This collaboration allows us to offer comprehensive solutions backed by diverse knowledge and a global network of expertise.

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