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Industrial and mining ventilation

Americorp leads the market by offering a complete range of industrial and mining ventilation solutions designed for a variety of environments, from confined spaces to complex industrial facilities. Our equipment specializes in challenging environments, from chemical plants to machine rooms, where air quality is crucial to productivity. We excel in providing customized ventilation systems, from traditional methods of injection and extraction to innovations such as natural ventilation, air recirculation and low-cost cooling.

In collaboration with global leaders such as Soler&Palau, Howden and Airtec, we offer a wide range of centrifugal and axial equipment. Our focus is on providing ventilation systems tailored to specific customer needs, integrating state-of-the-art technology, control systems and engineering development to maximize efficiency and air quality in every industrial and mining application.

Our offer
Centrifugal fans

Our centrifugal fans are the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial, mining and foundry applications. With capacities and powers across the entire spectrum, including special projects, they are designed to move large flows, handle high pressures and powers, ensuring optimum performance in demanding environments.

Axial fans

We offer axial fans of different capacities ideal for ventilating, extracting and injecting air in large warehouses, tunnels and subway mines. These fans adapt to various needs, ensuring an efficient and controlled flow of air in specific environments.

Filter housing

Our injection and extraction filtration systems offer complete solutions for particulate, odor and gas control. Filter housing provides a clean and safe environment by effectively filtering the air, helping to maintain contaminant-free environments.

Services and projects

We offer comprehensive services, from conceptualization to project implementation. Our team is in charge of the design, evaluation and supply of equipment, measurements, equipment and pipeline repair. In addition, we offer turnkey solutions, as well as automation services, control and supervision of operating parameters to guarantee successful and efficient projects.

Compressed air

We carry out integral compressed air projects, from studies and audits to the execution of engineering and EPC solutions for equipment, systems and compressor rooms, as well as air lines and air treatment. We offer the broadest and most specialized line of compressors for air and gases, in the widest range of capacities and working pressures.

Blowers / Blowers

We offer a wide range of blowers from world-renowned brands. Our turbosoplants are versatile and modular, adapting to various industrial applications. From industrial blowers for power, mining and water to turbochargers for the oil industry, our products are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Typical applications in the mining and industrial sector

Ventilation in warehouses and plants

The aim is to eliminate suspended particles, gases and vapors in low concentrations, preserving safety, hygiene and the integrity of the equipment.

Concentrate storage pressurization

Guarantees hermetic conditions to maintain the integrity of the stored material, avoiding leaks or temperature changes, minimizing the emission of dust, vapors and gases into the environment.

Soundproofing and ventilation in machine rooms

Rooms with heavy machinery require optimal ventilation to ensure adequate air supply and proper cooling, minimizing noise generation and contaminated air intake.

Ventilation in machine shops and truck areas

Efficient management of fumes and gases from mechanical equipment and trucks is vital, especially in solvent environments. This process demands specialized attention to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Control room ventilation

Control rooms require ventilation, pressurization and air conditioning to maintain optimal conditions in potentially contaminating environments, ensuring proper operation of systems and equipment.

Ventilation in chemical, paper and metallurgical plants

In these industries, the emission of gases, vapors and fumes is common. Air extraction and renewal are crucial to maintain safe environments and support controlled production processes.

Why choose Americorp's industrial and mining ventilation systems?

Wide range of specialized solutions

We offer a variety of solutions, from centrifugal and axial fans to high efficiency filtration systems. Our systems are designed to adapt to a variety of industrial and mining environments, addressing different needs and ensuring optimal performance.

Experience and technical capabilities

We have a vast experience in the industry and a highly qualified technical team. Americorp, for the past 10 years, has developed integral projects of diverse complexity in Latin America.

Comprehensive and personalized services

From initial design to execution, we offer a wide range of services. This includes everything from evaluations, design and supply of equipment to repairs, turnkey systems (EPC) and control and automation services, ensuring complete and customized solutions.

Adaptability and versatility

Our systems adjust to different capacities, air flows and pressures, adapting to specific applications such as tunnels, warehouses or complex industrial environments. The versatility of our equipment ensures adequate ventilation for every situation.

Integral filtering solutions

Americorp's filter housing and injection/extraction filtration systems offer complete particulate, odor and gas management, ensuring cleaner and safer environments for industrial and mining operations.

Commitment to quality and the environment

We focus on offering solutions that not only meet rigorous quality standards, but also promote sustainable practices. Our ventilation systems are designed to minimize environmental impacts and maintain ideal air quality standards in industrial and mining environments.

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