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Fog cannons

One of the biggest challenges in outdoor operations is dust control, and Americorp specializes in addressing this challenge by developing engineering and environmental projects using state-of-the-art technologies such as our Fog Cannons.

Our cannons generate a cloud of fine water particles that cover large areas, reducing pollution and improving air quality in the environment. We work with international technology partners, such as Bosstek, to offer high quality and high performance solutions.

We offer technical support in all Latin American countries, providing application engineering services, local integration of components, maintenance, service and spare parts with immediate attention.

Our fog cannon solutions

We offer last generation solutions. Bosstek fog cannons are equipment that cover a variety of applications, from a range of 30 meters to an impressive 100 meters coverage. The DB-30, DB-60, DB-100 and DB Tower models provide efficient coverage, automatic oscillation and a precise dispersion area, with standard or Fusion options, offering flexibility in transport and operation.

With our Americorp Ecology Plus guns, specialized in ranges greater than 100 meters, we offer solutions ranging from stationary equipment to semi-mobile systems, adapted to reach distances of up to 500 meters. The AFC 150, AFC 200, AFC 300 and AFC 500 are versatile and powerful options designed specifically for dust and gas control in a variety of environments, including surface mining and blasting operations.

Diversity of cannons: Find the ideal choice

At Americorp, we stand out for offering a wide range of dust collectors, each meticulously designed to address specific industrial needs. Our selection includes sleeve collectors, ideal for fine particle collection, and high efficiency cartridge collectors. In addition, we have insertable collectors, perfect for environments where conventional installation is not feasible.

For specialized environments such as silos, specialized solutions are available to ensure efficient capture. Cyclonic collectors are ideal for larger particles, while our wet systems, using nebulization, are effective for collection. Our range also includes high temperature collectors, designed to face extreme conditions with efficiency and reliability.

Why buy a fog cannon from Americorp?

Market leaders

We have more than 5 years of experience, we have more than 100 guns and development working in the most important mining companies, cement, ports, industries, environment of Peru and Latin America.

Tailor-made solutions

We offer customized designs and sizes, from 10 to 500 meter ranges, adjusted specifically to your needs, guaranteeing precision and efficiency.

High efficiency

Our equipment offers high efficiency to control dusts, fumes, gases and odors, ensuring effective control in open areas.

Superior quality

We use the best components and standards, from stainless NEMA 4X control boxes to galvanized materials and nozzles designed for different water qualities.

Specialized equipment

We have a team of highly trained application and service engineers with extensive experience in Latin America, providing quality technical advice and service.

Comprehensive support

Beyond sales, we offer a complete after-sales service, including spare parts, maintenance and repowering options. We are committed to continuous performance and customer satisfaction.

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