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Dust control on roads and floors

Dust on unpaved roads is a challenge that affects communities and operational efficiency. At Americorp, we understand the associated problems: from environmental pollution to deterioration of road infrastructure and vehicles. Our solution, AMERICORP ENVIROTAC PLUS, is the result of more than 25 years of continuous research and development combined with solid application engineering expertise. This integrated approach has allowed us to develop the ideal product to effectively control dust in mining operations, auxiliary and rural roads.

We understand that the key lies not only in the product, but in the applied engineering, precise formulation and rigorous quality control during application. This perspective allows us to effectively address the stabilization of mine tailings, providing an essential solution to prevent pollution derived from the residues resulting from mining-metallurgical treatment. AMERICORP ENVIROTAC PLUS is our commitment to effective stabilization that reduces pollution and prevents the dispersion of harmful particles by the wind.

Integral solutions

Americorp not only provides innovative products; we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from preparation and application to air quality monitoring and maintenance contracts. Envirotac has been successfully applied in tailings of the most important mines worldwide, such as Codelco, Newmont, Grupo Mexico, BHP, El Brocal (Buenaventura), Anglo American, and in slopes of several mines in Peru and the world. Trust us to transform your pathways and maintain sustainability in your operation.

Customized solution and formulation

Our approach begins with a thorough evaluation of the soil to determine the most effective formulation. Manufactured with acrylic polymers, our solutions adapt to various geographical and climatic conditions.

The AMERICORP ENVIROTAC PLUS line of polymers uses nanotechnology to interact with soil particles, strengthening the microstructure and increasing compressive strength. Manufactured with acrylic polymers, our solutions adapt to diverse geographic and climatic conditions. This translates into more resistant and durable tracks, reducing maintenance costs and offering a sustainable solution. Without a doubt, the product has proven to be a premium product for all types of tracks.

The AMERICORP SOIL DUST CONTROL line is a powder product of easy preparation and dilution in water, designed for auxiliary and administrative routes, where practicality and minimum cost are sought.

AMERICORP SPLINKERS SYSTEMS, an automated irrigation solution that allows 100% track availability, is an efficient solution for in-pit operations in surface and subway mining where track availability, safety and control is a key factor.

Why choose Envirotac Plus?

Effective control of fugitive dust

We eliminate the possibility of dust escaping from the site through our dust control polymers, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

Occupational safety

We reduce the risks associated with fugitive dust, such as poor visibility and respiratory illnesses, thereby improving workplace safety and equipment performance.

Resistance to extreme weather conditions

Designed to withstand strong wind gusts, snow, rain and high temperatures, Envirotac ensures that treated areas remain intact and prevents erosion.

Environmental commitment

Our Envirotac polymers are manufactured with an environmental focus, being safe for soils, humans and wildlife, contributing to environmental sustainability and pollution reduction in the surrounding communities.

Long-term durability

Envirotac Plus offers protective coatings that can last up to 5 years without the need for reapplication or repair. Resisting snow, rain, high temperatures and strong winds, it guarantees sustained and long-lasting protection.

Road safety

We prevent slips and accidents by ensuring that treated surfaces are slip-resistant, improving road safety and accident prevention.

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