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Dust collectors

In mining and industrial processes, dust control is essential to ensure a safe working environment and comply with environmental regulations. Dust collection solutions and equipment have become the most widely used choice to address this challenge. In a processing plant, the generation of dust is inevitable during various stages, whether in the treatment, transport or storage of materials.

Americorp stands out as a leading innovator in the development of dust collection equipment and systems. In the mining and heavy-duty industry, our equipment exceeds the industrial collectors offered in the international market. In mining markets, our equipment is preferred by international engineering companies and large global customers.

At Americorp, we provide strong support to our clients in the design and implementation of the most appropriate equipment and system for each specific project.

Our comprehensive solution: Americorp Plus

At Americorp, our flagship brand is Americorp Plus Dust Collectors, a state-of-the-art solution designed to address the unique needs of each project and industry. With over 25 years of specialized experience in the mining industry, we have perfected this brand to offer exceptional dust control, developing customized systems that meet each customer’s exact specifications. Our Americorp Plus dust collectors are built on a foundation of excellence, utilizing advanced technology and close collaboration with our customers to ensure optimum efficiency in capturing and handling dust on their projects. At Americorp, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver world-class dust control solutions specifically designed to exceed industry expectations and provide a cleaner, safer environment for all.

Diversity of collectors: Find the ideal choice

At Americorp, we stand out for offering a wide range of dust collectors, each meticulously designed to address specific industrial needs. Our selection includes sleeve collectors, ideal for fine particle collection, and high efficiency cartridge collectors. In addition, we have insertable collectors, perfect for environments where conventional installation is not feasible.

For specialized environments such as silos, specialized solutions are available to ensure efficient capture. Cyclonic collectors are ideal for larger particles, while our wet systems, using nebulization, are effective for collection. Our range also includes high temperature collectors, designed to face extreme conditions with efficiency and reliability.

Why buy an Americorp Plus dust collector?

Complete solutions

We offer integral solutions in dust collection systems. From components to specialized equipment, we provide everything you need.

Best price and cost of operation

At Americorp, we are committed to offering competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Our equipment is designed to provide the precise solution your company needs, ensuring efficiency and profitability in your operation.

Customized equipment

We understand the uniqueness of each project. Therefore, we offer the option of purchasing dust collectors designed according to the specific needs of your company, ensuring a perfectly adapted solution.

Innovative models

We have a wide range of models and innovative designs that meet the highest quality standards. These designs are optimized to reduce logistics and assembly costs, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Express delivery

We keep stock of medium and special equipment ready for immediate delivery throughout Latin America, ensuring agile and efficient response times to meet the urgent needs of your company.

Leaders in the industry

With extensive experience backed by more than 1,000 pieces of equipment in operation in the main mining and industrial companies in the region, we have demonstrated our excellence and leadership in the market.

Do you need effective and innovative dust control solutions? Contact us today!