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Filters and components

Americorp has a wide coverage of spare parts and components that comprehensively cover our product line. Our AMERICORP PLUS line is the result of the process of understanding, researching, developing and manufacturing based on what each customer demands.

From the basics to the most sophisticated, our range includes everything from bags, sleeves and filter cartridges to a wide variety of essential dust control and environmental management devices. These elements include control valves, control panels, sensors, gauges, instruments and starting systems.

Our commitment to excellence has led us to expand our offer to essential components in industrial processes, such as fans, compressors, blowers, pumps and duct systems, including specialized items such as rotary valves, extraction and conveying screws, sludge formers, air slides, and a wide range of compressors. This diversity of components meets the needs of various sectors, offering specific and tailor-made solutions for each challenge.

Our offer
Filter bags and sleeves

We offer filter bags for all dust collectors, regardless of their origin. Manufactured in a wide range of materials resistant to extreme conditions, our sleeves are suitable for a variety of applications. Available in standard or customized sizes, we guarantee quality and immediate delivery.

Cartridges / Filter elements

We supply cartridges for any brand of dust collectors, with different filtering materials and sizes. Our cartridges meet rigorous quality standards and are available from stock for quick shipment, offering fast and reliable solutions.

Fans, Dampers

We offer a wide range of components, from fans to compact units with pre-filtration. Manufactured by well-known global brands, our products guarantee efficiency, low energy consumption, competitive price and long life.

Control panels

With more than 15 years of experience, we design control panels for dust, gas and industrial equipment systems. We collaborate with leading brands to offer panels tailored to each project, ensuring reliable and optimal performance.

Why choose Americorp filters and components?

Certified quality

Our filters and components are manufactured under the highest quality standards and in collaboration with worldwide recognized brands such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Goyen and others. This partnership allows us to offer products that guarantee exceptional performance and proven reliability in every component we supply.

Broad compatibility

Our extensive spare parts coverage encompasses multiple makes and models of dust collectors, ensuring compatibility with a variety of equipment. This facilitates the procurement of components regardless of the manufacturer of your system.

Customization and adaptability

We offer tailor-made solutions, specifically adapted to the needs of your industrial application. Whether you need special sizes, specific materials or custom designs, we are ready to meet your requirements.

Immediate availability

We maintain a large stock of products, which allows us to offer fast deliveries and agile response times. Our immediate response capability ensures that you can replace or purchase essential components the moment you need them.

Expert technical advice

Our specialized technical team is available throughout Latin America to provide guidance and advice on filter and component selection. We offer support from product selection to installation and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance.

Sustainable approach

Americorp is committed to environmental sustainability by providing components that promote energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Our products are designed to minimize waste and maximize equipment life.

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