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Sprinklers and monitors

In collaboration with Nodolini, Americorp offers a comprehensive range of Sprinkler / Sprayer systems designed for irrigation, wetting and dust control in mining operations, ports, industries and agricultural sectors in Latin America. Our water jet and sprinkler irrigation technology provides efficient and effective dust management in industrial and mining environments, offering a wide variety of options to suit each customer’s specific needs. Water jet irrigation technology offers a comprehensive solution for dust control, wetting and stabilizing soil, whether piles or slopes.

The monitors have the primary application of removal of large areas of land due to the effect of water erosion. Its application is very varied, from dust control, erosion, land and maritime fire extinguishing, large tonnage truck washing systems that require high pressure and flow.

Sprinklers for corrosive liquids and waste water

Our specialized sprayers are designed for handling corrosive liquids, built with special materials and aluminum parts treated with anodic oxidation to resist chemical attack. These systems, suitable for high pressures, are used for dust removal in seawater harbors and dust control in wastewater tanks. We also offer stainless steel nozzles upon request, guaranteeing the adaptability and efficiency of our systems to the specific needs of our customers.

Sprinklers / Industrial and mining sprinklers

Our range of Sprinklers includes sprinklers with a 25°-28° trajectory, ideal for mining environments, yards and harbors, as well as sprinklers with a 43° trajectory intended for reservoirs. All of our dust suppression models are mechanically shielded, allowing them to operate in challenging situations. In addition, we offer customized solutions, such as oxidation treatment for aggressive waters or stainless steel nozzles, adapted to customer specifications.

These Sprinklers are effective in controlling dust on slopes, roads, tailings dams and various areas of mining and industrial operations, including leach pad irrigation. We also offer specialized evaporation sprinklers, an economical and fast alternative for the evaporation of pools of water. Consult with our engineering area for a correct implementation of your projects.

Why choose Americorp's sprayers and monitors?

Versatility and adaptability

The systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, from irrigation of agricultural land to dust management in industrial and mining environments. Su versatilidad permite ajustarse a las necesidades específicas de cada cliente, ofreciendo soluciones personalizadas y eficientes.

Dust and humidity control

These systems provide complete dust management in mining operations, ports and industries, maintaining tight control over airborne particles. In addition, its ability to moisturize and stabilize soils ensures a more stable and secure environment.

Efficiency in erosion prevention

Nodolini monitors, with their ability to remove large areas of land due to water erosion, become an essential tool to prevent water erosion.

High pressure and flow

The systems offer high pressure and water flow, which is essential for applications such as heavy truck cleaning. This pressure and flow capacity ensures optimum performance in a variety of tasks.

Robust and resistant design

The sprinklers are designed with high quality materials that make them resistant to adverse environmental conditions and chemical attacks, ensuring their durability and performance even in challenging environments.

Efficiency in pollution control

Our systems stand out for their efficiency in dust control in mining and industrial environments. Water jet irrigation technology ensures effective coverage, minimizing dust particles over large areas, from tanks to large slopes.

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