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Environment and sustainability

At Americorp, environmental responsibility is a fundamental pillar of our mission. Our Sustainability and Environment Division is specifically designed to provide innovative solutions to companies seeking not only to comply with environmental standards, but also to stand out as leaders in sustainable practices.

From waste treatment to water management and renewable energies, our division is leading the way to a more sustainable future. Discover below our range of products and services designed to drive sustainability and make a difference in caring for our environment.

Why implement sustainable technology in your company?

Cost reduction through resource optimization.

Improved corporate image and stakeholder relations.

Drives innovation, achieving differentiation in the market.

Avoid fines by complying with environmental regulations and standards.

Sustainability solutions

At Americorp, we recognize that companies require comprehensive environmental solutions customized to their specific needs. Our solutions are strategically designed to comply with environmental regulations, improve operational efficiency and enhance your company’s sustainability image.

Food and organic waste treatment

Our food and organic waste treatment offer focuses on the efficient conversion of waste into valuable resources. We use advanced composting technologies to transform waste into valuable organic products.

Solid waste treatment

We manage solid waste in an integrated manner, ranging from industrial waste to electrical and hospital waste. Our solutions guarantee the classification, recycling and responsible disposal of this waste, improving efficiency and preserving the environment.

Renewable energies

We implement innovative technologies, such as solar panels and wind turbines, to provide companies with clean, renewable energy sources, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing their carbon footprint.

Mining and industrial cleaning

We offer specialized solutions for cleaning in mining and industrial environments. Our range of services includes truck washing equipment, specialized cabins for personnel cleaning and dust and spill extraction systems.

Wastewater treatment

At Americorp Group, we provide specialized solutions for the treatment of industrial and mining water. We apply a wide variety of technologies adapted to different scales, from small to large plants, covering both simple and complex operations.

Water evaporator cannons in dams

Americorp’s Evaporator Cannons Model EVA PLUS are designed for the efficient evaporation of water and various liquids in diverse sectors such as mining, chemical and industry. Avoid overflow risks with robust solutions.

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