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Mining and industrial cleaning

At Americorp, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive cleaning solutions for the mining and industrial industry. Our services range from dust extraction processes to advanced washing systems, designed to keep assets in optimal condition, reduce maintenance costs and create safe and productive work environments. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, we offer specialized equipment, vacuum solutions and cleaning booths to improve the productivity and sustainability of operations.

Our solutions focus on maximizing productivity and workplace safety. From specialized scrubbers to dust extraction systems, every piece of equipment and system is designed to exceed heavy industry standards. We work closely with technology leaders to offer customized solutions and have equipped leading mining operations in Latin America, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and innovation in every project.

Specialized washing equipment

Americorp stands out in the provision of specialized equipment for the efficient and optimal washing of trucks, machinery and industrial and mining infrastructure. Our wide range of solutions extends from automated washing systems, designed to maximize efficiency and reduce water consumption, to high-pressure equipment for cleaning heavy machinery.

In addition, we offer specific equipment for infrastructure washing, facilitating the cleaning of plant equipment, ceilings, walls and floors, integrating water recycling systems for sustainable resource management. These adaptable, high-performance equipment meet the most demanding industry standards, ensuring optimal results and extending the useful life of the companies’ fixed assets.

Vacuuming of dust and spills

The accumulation of material in hard-to-reach places, such as floors, roofs and structures, is a recurring and complex challenge to address by manual cleaning. Americorp stands out in the implementation of dust and material suction systems and equipment, providing integral solutions that involve engineering, supply of equipment and components, as well as the assembly and start-up of projects. We offer versatile options, from portable equipment for touring installations to centralized vacuum systems, adapted to various industrial applications and processing plants, providing efficiency in the collection and disposal of material.

In addition, Americorp presents mobile solutions such as vacuum and suction trucks, as well as trailers, ideal for handling large volumes of material in spill or accident situations. These options ensure a fast and effective response, providing flexibility and helping to maintain safe environments free of harmful buildup.

Personnel cleaning booths

Personnel cleaning booths offer a vital solution to counteract the spread of fine and hazardous dust in sensitive areas such as offices, canteens and camps. Americorp stands out in the implementation of OHSAS certified systems designed to prevent contamination from work clothing and footwear into critical spaces, especially in environments with high levels of pollution, such as mineral processing plants or cement plants.

This certified equipment, manufactured in the United States, guarantees effective and safe cleaning by means of controlled pressure air injection and dust extraction systems. With a focus on process efficiency and safety, these systems direct the dust to a filter collector for final disposal, ensuring contamination-free environments and preserving the health of workplaces.

Why choose Americorp's industrial cleaning systems and equipment?

Certified technology

Americorp's cleaning systems and equipment are certified, which guarantees their safety and effectiveness in removing dust and contaminants. This certification supports the quality and reliability of the implemented solutions.

Proven experience

Americorp has supplied equipment and systems to major mines in Peru, which supports its experience and success in implementing effective and reliable cleaning solutions.

Soluciones integrales

Americorp's systems and equipment have proven to be highly efficient in the collection and disposal of dust and spills. Backed by comprehensive solutions that include engineering, equipment and component supply, assembly and commissioning, they guarantee complete and effective cleaning in a variety of industrial applications.

Versatility of options

Americorp offers a variety of options, from portable equipment for touring facilities to centralized plant cleaning systems. The versatility of the equipment offer ensures solutions adapted to the specific needs of each customer and application.

Care of fixed assets

Industrial cleaning not only focuses on the removal of dust and spills, but also contributes to the care of fixed assets. By extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs, these solutions promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the use of industrial infrastructure.

Compromiso ambiental

Our cleaning systems not only optimize industrial processes, but also demonstrate a commitment to the environment. By minimizing pollution and promoting responsible waste management, we actively contribute to the preservation of air, water and soil, aligning ourselves with sustainable practices that prioritize the health of the planet.

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