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Renewable energies

At Americorp, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our strong support for the development of renewable energy in all its forms. We have a highly trained local team supported by renowned international partners, allowing us to offer solutions ranging from social applications to generators for larger industrial and mining applications.

Comprehensive offering of solar and wind energy solutions

As distributors of recognized global companies, as well as partners of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar panels, solar thermal panels, batteries and controllers, we lead the way in the development of renewable energy projects in the Peruvian mining industry. Our comprehensive offer includes basic studies, technical designs, economic and technical feasibility assessments, lighting installations, surveillance systems, sanitary hot water, heating and power generation.

In the field of wind energy, we provide services ranging from the evaluation of potential locations to the technical management and commissioning of the facilities, managing the entire process to ensure the success of our projects.

Our impact on communities

At Americorp, we have left a significant footprint in rural electrification projects through the successful implementation of solar systems throughout various regions. Our contribution in 2018 was fundamental in the Rural Electrification Program in the Apurímac region, where we installed 2,600 photovoltaic systems and 300 solar thermal systems. This effort not only illuminated homes, but also provided access to hot water, improving the quality of life in rural communities.

In addition, we supplied more than 1,000 solar kits to the German agency GIZ for deployment in the San Martin region, marking a milestone in our commitment to advancing sustainable solutions in remote areas. From portable systems to massive deployments, our commitment to solar energy has made a significant mark on the rural electrification landscape, improving the lives of thousands of people and communities.

Why choose Americorp's renewable energy systems?

Sustainable commitment

The implementation of renewable energy reduces the carbon footprint and environmental impact of industrial operations. Americorp offers environmentally friendly solutions, which supports sustainability initiatives and reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Long-term cost reduction

Investing in renewable energy can lead to significant savings over time. The use of solar, wind or other renewable sources can reduce long-term operating costs by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and mitigating energy price volatility.

Wide variety of equipment

We offer a wide range of waste treatment equipment, from specialized compactors to versatile shredding systems. This diversity makes it possible to adapt to different types of waste, whether plastic, metal, wood or paper, guaranteeing a specific solution for each need.


With more than a decade leading renewable energy projects, we have delivered solutions from portable systems to large-scale installations. Our multidisciplinary team, with extensive experience, supports each project.

Adaptability and scalability

From stand-alone applications to massive installations, we offer flexible systems adaptable to the specific needs of each project. Our ability to design, implement and adapt solutions to diverse environments guarantees an effective and efficient response for each client.

Support and after-sales service

We ensure a solid after-sales service and technical support. We guarantee the optimal operation of our systems and offer continuous assistance and maintenance. In addition, we have a large stock of components and spare parts to ensure immediate availability in case of need, keeping the energy solutions operational at all times.

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