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Solid waste treatment

Every year, millions of tons of solid waste generated around the world represent a serious threat to the environment. Inadequate management of these wastes compromises air, water and soil quality. At Americorp Group, we recognize the significant impact of efficient waste management, especially in industry where daily waste production is considerable.

Our mission is to promote a circular economy by offering sustainable solutions for the efficient treatment of solid waste. Our broad offer covers products, engineering projects and services ranging from feasibility studies, detailed engineering, supply of main and auxiliary equipment, to manufacturing, plants and installations, as well as commissioning.

Efficient and flexible shredding

We offer efficient and flexible shredding machines for processing different materials and sizes. Our 1- and 2-stage shredding systems enable you to optimally process your waste and guarantee a high product quality with a homogeneous, contaminant-free granulate.

What materials can our shredders process?




Paper and cardboard





industrial and



KOMPACT Compactors and Balers

In the solid waste management process, compaction plays a crucial role by reducing the volume by up to 80%, an essential step for recycling or proper disposal of waste. At Americorp, we introduce KOMPACT, our complete line of balers and compactors designed for a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, metals, wood, vegetable fibers, plastics and more.

Cardboard and papers

Metallic waste

Plastic bottles

Wood chips and
vegetable fibers

Oil filters

Separation and classification systems

Americorp, in partnership with Drycake, offers innovative sensor-based sorting solutions designed to drive recycling efficiency and contribute to a cleaner future. In an effort to recover more and recycle effectively, we have developed specialized systems that allow the automatic separation of recyclable materials, such as plastics and metals, providing high quality secondary raw materials for commercial use.

The TWISTER equipment is distinguished by its innovative design and automatic operation, making it an efficient and low-maintenance solution for the separation of recyclable materials. Made entirely of stainless steel, it guarantees a long useful life of the equipment and quick and easy installation. Its versatility allows you to separate organic materials from packaging such as cans, wrappers, bags, plastic bottles or plastic jars, without the need for additional pretreatment.

With vast experience in waste management and recycling processes, we work closely with our clients to create joint solutions that cover all aspects of waste sorting.

Turning Waste into Energy: Our Waste to Energy Technology

At Americorp, we have technology that efficiently deals with waste with a high calorific value, which, due to its nature, is not suitable for conventional recycling. We are proud to present a revolutionary approach to the management of these wastes, focusing on their transformation into alternative fuels. The main objective of this process is to harness the valuable energy intrinsic in the waste, thus allowing the use of fossil fuels to be replaced and contributing significantly to the transition to more sustainable energy sources.

Household and Security Waste Disposal

Americorp has a staff of first class professionals to develop projects for the disposal of domestic, industrial and security solid waste. Our teams of specialists develop basic studies of geology, geotechnics, topography, watersheds, rainfall, waste characterization, definition of criteria and design parameters for each project and for each client, whether public or private. Although our focus is on mining and industry, due to our knowledge of the sector, we are able to attend projects in several industries.

Our offer ranges from conception, development of engineering dossiers, construction supervision, construction, development of manuals, development and supply of treatment technologies, power generation, licensing support, training and management.

Why choose Americorp Plus waste treatment equipment?

Innovative and efficient technology

Americorp Plus waste treatment equipment is backed by innovative technology that ensures efficient processing. From compactors to shredding systems, our range of equipment employs the latest technology to achieve optimum results in waste management.

Sustainable commitment

Our waste treatment equipment is designed to promote sustainability. From waste volume reduction to transformation into alternative fuels, we prioritize environmental sustainability at every step of the process.

Wide variety of equipment

We offer a wide range of waste treatment equipment, from specialized compactors to versatile shredding systems. This diversity makes it possible to adapt to different types of waste, whether plastic, metal, wood or paper, guaranteeing a specific solution for each need.

Cost reduction

Our waste treatment equipment is designed to optimize waste management, significantly reducing operational costs. With efficient technology, the need for waste transportation and disposal is drastically reduced, positively impacting your budget.

Increased competitiveness

The adoption of the circular economy strengthens your company's image, making it more competitive in the market. By committing to sustainable practices, your organization positions itself as a responsible company, generating more business opportunities and brand value.

Comprehensive support

We offer a complete support and technical assistance service to guarantee an effective use of our equipment. In addition, our after-sales service focuses on maintaining and optimizing equipment performance throughout its useful life.

Contact us for customized solutions that drive efficiency and safety in your operations.