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Wastewater treatment

AMERICORP GROUP leads the field of wastewater treatment, offering solutions tailored to various industrial and mining needs. From tailor-made plants to pre-engineered technologies, our solutions are designed for all types of operations, from the simplest to complex projects requiring advanced technological development.

We offer a wide range of services: from the design and supply of water treatment systems to the operation and maintenance of wastewater plants. Our comprehensive approach ranges from laboratory analysis to turnkey projects (EPC, EPCM), always adapted to local and international regulations in force. In addition, we collaborate with renowned international technology partners such as Envirochemie, Enfil, Howden and Hydroblaster to ensure state-of-the-art water treatment solutions.

Drinking water treatment plants

We offer integral solutions for the treatment of water for domestic and industrial uses, covering various sectors such as agribusiness, beverages, fishing, health services, cooking and human consumption in general. Our systems, designed with pre-engineering, guarantee the agile implementation of projects, in strict compliance with national and international regulations in force, such as DS 031-2010-MINAM, adapting to the specific requirements of each application.

These plants are aimed at obtaining high quality water, regardless of its origin (rivers, subway sources, sea, among others), to be used safely and efficiently. Our experience allows us to ensure compliance with quality standards, providing a customized solution that responds to the specific needs of each client. Furthermore, our commitment goes beyond implementation: we offer comprehensive consulting, maintenance, expansion and operational management services to ensure the optimal and sustainable operation of the plants over time.

Wastewater treatment plants

Americorp’s Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) are customized solutions for the treatment of industrial and sanitary wastewater. We have extensive experience in the use of different technologies, equipment and biological and physicochemical processes to ensure that specific pollutants in wastewater remain within the limits allowed by national and international regulations.

Our offer includes not only the design and execution of projects, but also comprehensive consulting, maintenance and operational management services. We adapt our solutions to the particular needs of each customer, providing the possibility to upgrade, maintain, repair, expand or automate existing systems and plants. In addition, we offer equipment in various designs, from modular plants to pre-engineered systems, ensuring an efficient and adaptable implementation in reduced times, without sacrificing the quality of wastewater treatment.

Why choose Americorp's water treatment solutions?

Integrated project management

From initial consulting to commissioning and ongoing maintenance, as well as the supply of components and spare parts, we provide complete support at all stages of the project, ensuring a smooth and efficient execution.

Regulatory compliance

Our solutions are designed and executed in strict compliance with national and international regulations, ensuring that the quality and safety standards of the treated water remain within the permitted limits.

Efficiency and Speed of Implementation

We have pre-engineered plants and modular systems that allow a fast and efficient implementation. This flexibility in design allows us to adapt to tight deadlines without compromising the quality of water treatment.

State-of-the-art technologies

We partner with international technology leaders, such as Envirochemie, enfil, howden, and hydroblaster, to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our projects. This places us at the forefront of innovations in water treatment, guaranteeing advanced and effective solutions.

Adaptability and customization

We recognize that each customer has specific needs. Our solutions are adaptable and customized to meet the particular requirements of each project, ensuring water treatment efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Compromiso ambiental

At Americorp, our commitment to the environment is a fundamental pillar in every stage of our projects. We strive to implement technologies and practices that minimize environmental impact, comply with strict regulations and promote sustainability in all our solutions.

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