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Water evaporator cannons in dams

Americorp’s EVA PLUS evaporator cannons are the efficient solution for the controlled evaporation of water and other liquids in industrial contexts, standing out in sectors such as mining, chemical and industrial. Its robust design and capacity to mobilize high volumes of liquid allows its optimal application in dams, facilitating the generation of a fine mist that accelerates the evaporation process when in contact with the environment.

By using evaporator cannons in dams, rivers, lakes or containment ponds, effective liquid level control is achieved, avoiding costly infrastructure expansions and minimizing the risk of overflows or flooding. This controlled evaporation approach contributes to efficient water management and to the optimization of investments in containment works.

Rugged equipment for diverse environments

Our evaporator cannons are versatile equipment and are available in skid, trailer or raft configurations, ensuring mobility and resistance to various weather conditions. Its components, from pumps to nozzles and filters, are adapted to work in challenging environments, whether in mines, near the sea or in continuously demanding environments.


Mine tailings ponds and process water in mining units

Leaching pits

Water extracted from oil fields

Chemical, industrial and environmental process waters

Why choose Americorp EVA PLUS evaporator cannons?

High adaptability

Americorp's EVA PLUS evaporator cannons are highly adaptable to various environments. Its skid, trailer or raft configurations guarantee mobility and resistance, allowing its use in mining environments, coastal areas or areas of high climatic demand, without compromising its performance.

Durability and efficiency

Designed to work in challenging conditions, these units feature components specifically adapted for harsh environments, from pumps to nozzles and filters. This resistance ensures durability and efficiency even in demanding and continuous working environments.

Risk reduction

Its capacity to evaporate liquids contained in dams and reservoirs makes it possible to reduce the level of the fluid, thus avoiding the need to increase the height or expand the containment works. This reduces the risk of overflow or flooding.

Cost reduction

Its ability to avoid the expansion of containment works or the disbursement of liquids significantly reduces the costs associated with additional infrastructure, thus benefiting the economic management of the project.

Proven experience

In the mining sector, we have teams working in the large Peruvian mining industry and we are qualified to develop projects, as well as for the sale and rental of equipment.

Specialized technical support

Americorp offers specialized technical support for the installation, operation and maintenance of these cannons, ensuring their correct operation over time and maximizing their performance.

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