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Material Handling Components

In materials management, effectiveness lies in the technologies employed for efficient, safe and sustainable movement. Our wide range of components offers complete solutions, from pulleys, idlers and wipers to safety elements and specialized accessories, allowing for complete material handling integration.

We have a complete line of components, facilitating their integration by the manufacturer and guaranteeing quality and efficiency. We offer a variety of specifications that ensure a precise application tailored to the particular needs of each process.

We represent Superior Industries, a world leader in Material Handling equipment, providing a wide selection of components for storage, bulk handling, conveyor belt cleaning and safe operation. From pulleys and sheaves to loading and unloading systems, each component is designed to optimize efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness in industrial operations.

Our range of components

The idlers are the backbone of the conveyors, ensuring constant and reliable support for the movement of materials. Representing Superior Industries, a leader in the manufacture of idlers, we offer a wide range of high quality and durable options. From standard to customized designs, we guarantee solutions adapted to the specific needs of each customer.


Conveyor pulleys are vital to drive the movement of the belts. We offer a variety of pulleys to suit different industrial configurations and applications. From idlers to tensioners, we work with Superior Industries to provide reliable, durable components that maximize the efficiency and life of material handling systems.

Girdle cleaners

Belt cleaners are essential to keep belts clean and free of debris. This constant cleaning not only improves belt life, but also increases safety and operational efficiency. Our offering of high quality conveyor belt cleaners, backed by Superior Industries, ensures effective maintenance and safe, continuous operation in demanding industrial environments.

Loading zones

Loading zones are critical in the flow of materials, where any error can result in costly spills. Our specialized components for the conveyor loading area ensure efficient and trouble-free transfer. Working with Superior Industries, we offer solutions that minimize spillage risks and maintain material integrity during the transportation process.

Safety components

Our selection of safety components, such as flexible protection panels, roll back protectors and safety handrails, prioritizes the protection of personnel, equipment and the integrity of operations. By collaborating with Superior Industries, we offer solutions that meet the highest safety standards.

Accessories for conveyors

Conveyor accessories, such as belt covers, scales and speed sensors, are vital for optimizing the performance of material handling systems. We offer innovative solutions to protect conveyed material, monitor system efficiency and provide critical information for operational decision making.

Rotary valves

These valves are essential for pneumatic conveying and dust collector system management. At Americorp, we custom design and offer a variety of options to suit different environments and load requirements. We guarantee reliable and tailored solutions to address the specific needs of your industrial application.

Gate valves

Gate valves are essential elements for the precise shut-off of bulk materials in motion. Meyer’s knife-type designs ensure effective and complete closure of materials in hoppers, dust collectors and silos. At Americorp, we represent these high quality, high performance solutions that provide safety and efficiency in the conveying and material handling processes.

Worm screws

These components are essential in the reception and discharge of bulk materials in silos and dust collectors. Worm screws, thanks to their simple yet reliable design, enable effective conveying of materials in a variety of industrial applications. At Americorp, we design, manufacture and supply these screws, ensuring an accurate and efficient solution for your material handling needs.

Telescopic sleeves

Telescopic chutes, also known as unloading chutes, are crucial elements for the unloading of bulk solids at different points, such as trucks, ships or storage piles. Designed to capture fugitive dust, prevent wear and ensure environmental safety, these sleeves minimize material loss and offer low maintenance.

About Superior

Americorp Group is proud of its alliance as a representative partner of Superior, a leading company based in Minnesota, USA. Superior excels in the design, manufacture and support of bulk material handling systems, equipment and components. Specializing in the supply of key components for dry bulk handling and conveying systems, Superior Industries offers a wide range of solutions in the field of material handling components.

Why choose Americorp material handling system components?

Guarantee of
superior quality

Americorp partners with world-renowned brands such as Superior, ensuring excellence in quality material handling components. These components are designed for durability, optimum performance and resistance to adverse conditions.


Americorp provides expert technical advice to select the most suitable components according to the specific needs and requirements of each client. This personalized attention guarantees the best integration and operation of the components in the systems.

Local support
and regional

Americorp's regional and global presence ensures immediate technical support and rapid response to any customer inquiry or need. In addition, it has strategic alliances and distribution channels for a wide and effective coverage.

with the safety

Americorp prioritizes safety at every stage. Its components include devices and accessories designed to ensure the integrity of personnel and the protection of equipment and systems.


Beyond the sale of components, Americorp offers comprehensive services ranging from installation and maintenance to specialized training. These services are aimed at ensuring the operational efficiency and longevity of material handling systems.


At Americorp, we understand that every operation and every material handling challenge is unique. Therefore, we have the capacity to develop customized solutions, specifically adapted to the needs of each client.

Contact us for customized ventilation solutions that drive efficiency and safety in your operations.