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Material Handling Equipment and Systems

At Americorp, we offer everything from engineering services to complete turnkey solutions for a diverse range of industries. Our broad product offering ranges from loading and conveying equipment to storage and stacking systems, tailored for key industries such as energy, mining, grain, steel and more. We work with a specialized line that includes stationary, mobile and customized equipment, responding to the specific needs of each client.

As a representative partner of SUPERIOR of the United States, a world leader in material handling systems, we offer bulk handling solutions for various industries, from mining to ports and construction. In addition, we provide complete systems for stock management and warehousing in industries such as mining, cement and recycling. In collaboration with SUPERIOR INDUSTRIES, we offer portable and self-propelled ship loaders, adapted to the particularities of each port.

Our line of belt feeders guarantees efficient, reliable and optimal operation in conveying and processing systems. At Americorp, we understand that success begins with a robust and efficient feeding system, so we offer a wide variety of options to suit various process needs.

Our range of equipment and systems


Diversified solutions for the design and supply of bulk conveying systems in different industries.

Stacking Systems (Stock Pile)

Equipment, components and complete systems for stacking, storage and inventory management in industrial processes.


Complete offer in portable and self-propelled ship loaders... Port loading equipment and systems adapted to specific needs.

Belt feeders (Feed Conveyor)

Wide range of feeders for conveying, stacking or feeding systems for industrial processes.

About Superior

Americorp Group is proud of its alliance as a representative partner of Superior, a leading company based in Minnesota, USA. Superior is a leading manufacturing company that has established its reputation in the design, manufacture, marketing and support of equipment and components for specialized bulk handling and processing. With a comprehensive approach, Superior Industries offers innovative solutions ranging from crushing, screening and washing systems to efficient conveying management, meeting the demands and challenges of bulk producers globally. Its commitment is reflected in the constant evolution and adaptation of its products to meet the changing needs of the industry and support the operational efficiency of the sectors involved in the handling of bulk materials.

Why choose Americorp material handling equipment and systems?

Advanced technology
and versatile

Our systems offer state-of-the-art technology adaptable to diverse industries and applications, from mining to agriculture, ensuring efficiency and versatility in material handling.


We provide tailor-made systems, from engineering services to complete turnkey installations, EPC, EPCM, designed to meet the specific needs of each client and industrial sector.

of global leaders

As partners representing leading companies such as SUPERIOR, we guarantee excellence in Material Handling equipment and systems, backed by the quality and experience of recognized brands worldwide.

Local support
with global reach

We offer local engineering development capabilities and support in material handling projects, combining global expertise with a local approach tailored to the needs of the Peruvian and Latin American market.

of solutions

From stationary equipment to mobile and semi-mobile systems, we offer a wide range of solutions for all stages of bulk material handling, including ship loaders, stacking systems, conveyors and more.

Commitment to the
innovation and efficiency

We remain at the forefront of innovation, providing efficient solutions that improve productivity, reduce operating costs and optimize materials management in various industrial sectors.

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