Tri-NOx® Multi-Chem Wet Scrubber System for Control of NO, NO2, NOx

Tri-Mer’s versatile Tri-NOx scrubber system accommodates any combination of NO and NO2, including nitration-related NOx, which is typically high on the NO2 scale, and combustion-related
NOx, which is generally higher in NO.

Tri-NOx guarantees a clear stack. Tri-NOx technology eliminates the visible plume generated by high NO2 loading. This yellow-brown gaseous emission is generated by processes using nitric acid in conjunction with metal refining, metal finishing or chemical nitration.

Tri-NOx has no cfm or ppm limitations. Tri-NOx systems achieve virtually any target stack output including reducing loads of 100,000 ppm to below 5 ppm.

Tri-NOx systems are guaranteed to operate within pre-determined ppm limits for stack output without repeated adjustments. Tri-NOx is the technology of choice wherever NOx emissions are most restrictive.

Tri-NOx is applicable to hot and cold gas phase systems. Tri-NOx handles multiple gas stream residuals, including Cl2, HCl, SO2, other acids, other gases, caustics, and particulates. This wet chemical non-catalytic system cannot be blinded and there is no catalyst to poison.

The Tri-NOx system is ideal wherever nitric acid is used to dissolve precious metals, and NOx is generated.

Tri-Mer’s Whirl Wet efficiently collects precious metal fines and precious metal dusts.