Portable Tire Wash Systems for: Construcion sites and Industrial Sites

The Portable STB 30 has become our most effective Tire Wash in combating Track Out and dust problems on Construction Sites. Track Out has become some of the more expensive issues in operating a responsible construction project. Eliminating dust on job sites require wetting haul paths which in turn creates mud on trucks leaving the sites. In past years the go to solution was laying 3” ballast at the exit and street sweeping the roads after the trucks bring large amounts of mud on to them.

Permanent Concrete Tire Wash

Our Concrete Based Tire Wash designs are meant for long continuous years of use, usually about 20 to 25 years. They consist of a concrete wash rack that is designed to handle all size and weight truck traffic and excessive volume truck traffic. It is also designed to manage water and soil flows once they are cleaned from the trucks. The Concrete Based Tire Wash usually involves more time to install then our Steel Modular Tire Wash. Most concrete wash racks are accompanied by a concrete poured in place water tank. These concrete tanks are designed to manage solids as well as their water flows. The time required to pour a concrete tank is approximately 1 month.